Thursday, January 20, 2011

Model Zoning Ordinance to promote wind turbines

As I previously noted, I will be studying the Toledo Zoning Ordinance to determine a more streamlined system to promote economic growth. Additionally, Toledo is in a position to become the green energy capital of the world with all the natural resources we have to offer. In that spirit, I discovered this Model Zoning Ordinance that streamlines the process for people to build small wind turbines. Currently, there is no zoning ordinance that contains a provision for small wind turbines, and this results in a long and inefficient process for approval to build wind turbines because it requires special approval. Since our area has the resources to be the green energy capital of the world, the first step to gaining this reputation is to streamline this process. I urge the City of Toledo to adopt this Model Zoning Ordinance, and lead by example, as opposed to being ten years behind.
Additionally, Owens Corning has developed a more light weight, efficient wind turbine fiber. The Andersons has developed into one of the leaders in ethanol production. It seems only natural that this nexus develops between our local government and our most innovative companies.

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